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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Chickies

There is usually something interesting happening in Whitney Burkholder's 7th grade classroom.  This past week she had an incubator in her room with several large eggs inside it.

The day before the chickies hatched the blizzard hatched, too.  By the time the students returned to school on Wednesday there was only one egg left -- the rest had come out of their shells while school was cancelled due to the blizzard.  The students did get to see the last one emerge from its shell.

It is absolutely amazing to see how something so cute and fluffy can emerge out of a smooth oval shell.   And it should remind us of how great our Creator is every we witness such an event.

The students called them "the chickies"; hence the title of this post.

Mrs. Whitney Burkholder and a few of "the chickies".